The KEMACH Foundation works hand in hand with a long list of organizations and institutions to promote Haredi employment. We are delighted with our partners on this journey, who share our belief in the benefits of improving Haredi employees’ education and working environment. Following is a list of our partners in this important endeavor:

The Jewish Federation of New York

The Jewish Federation of New York has been in existence for nearly one hundred years and runs a network of community, cultural and welfare centers worldwide. The federation attaches great importance to shared Jewish activity by Jews, for Jews.

The Federation’s activity was designed to assist Jews in distress throughout the world, to inspire a passion for Jewish life and study and, most importantly, to strengthen the connection between Jewish communities around the world. The Federation unites hundreds of Jewish communities and is active in the following areas: the elderly; children and families; individuals with special needs; assistance following tragedy, illness, and job loss; and eliminating poverty.

The Federation’s activity meets the KEMACH Foundation’s activity in everything related to eliminating poverty. The Federation’s goals are identical to our primary purpose – promoting and improving Haredi employment.

Joint Israel

Joint Israel is the Israeli branch of the JDC – the Jewish aid organization founded over one hundred years ago. Joint Israel’s activity in Israel focuses on equality of opportunities and reduction of gaps in Israeli society.

The TEVET program is a partnership between the Joint and the Israeli government, designed to develop social services that will assist in breaking the poverty cycle through job integration and advancement.

The Joint is an international Jewish charity organization that was established during the days of World War I. Its activities span varied domains throughout the Jewish world. The organization acts in cooperation with entities whose values are identical to its own.

We work in conjunction with the division of Joint Israel that operates TEVET. TEVET is a public-benefit company (PBC), under a partnership between the Joint and Israel’s government. Its goal is to help underprivileged populations integrate into the job market and advance in it. The cooperation between KEMACH and TEVET is intended to assist the Haredi population in integrating into the Israeli work market.

The Ministry of Economy

Previously the Ministry of Industry and Trade (TAMAT), the Ministry of Economy is a government ministry which aggregates many tools designed to encourage Israel’s economic growth. Among its functions: developing the potential of Israel’s human capital and improving it, and creating workplaces while giving priority to special populations.

The Ministry of Economy has initiated a number of projects to encourage Haredi employment through reverse discrimination. The office supports businesses that opt to employ Haredim in specified areas and according to various criteria. The cooperation between the Foundation and the Ministry is aimed to fulfill the Foundation’s main goals; primarily – improving Haredi employment.

The KEMACH Foundation, on behalf of the Ministry of Economy and in conjunction with Manpower–Bereshit, operates the KIVUN Center for employment in Jerusalem, which is funded by a designated government budget.

Moshal Scholarship Program

Founded by Mr. Martin Moshal, the Fund’s goal is to stimulate and encourage disadvantaged students who are determined to reach their full potential, to reach achievements that will lead to successful careers.

Martin Moshal grew up in South Africa in the 70’s-80’s, where he saw up close the implications of education on one’s ability to advance in life. In his words, there is no secret formula for success, yet luck plays a part in every person’s chances of success. His luck was that his family provided him with quality education, which helped him become a successful businessman. Martin decided to share this same “luck” with those who believe in themselves and strive to advance in life.

“If you believe in yourself, then I believe in you. If you are determined to realize your potential and change your life and the lives of those around you, I will be there for you,” said Martin, helping thousands of ambitious youngsters all over the world to acquire education and find their place in the labor market. The Moshal Family Scholarship Program enables us to help students in various scientific fields such as software engineering, computer sciences, electronic engineering, physics, and more.

Wohl Foundation

The Wohl Foundation, dedicated to Vivienne Wohl, combines a long list of philanthropic foundations aimed at improving the quality of life in Jewish communities throughout the world.

The Foundation works in many varied fields and invests tremendously into assisting students in accordance with the vision of its founder, who passed away a little over eight years. The KEMACH Foundation cooperates with the Wohl Foundation, and through it, enables many Haredi students to study for a degree that will allow them to earn a respectable living and to integrate into the job market quickly and easily.


The UJIA is active in Israel and the UK, working to increase Jewish connection. A significant part of its activity focuses on supporting educational and vocational programs. The organization views the education of Jewish youngsters as a matter of supreme importance, and invests tremendously into promoting it.

The UJIA programs were designed to create strong social infrastructures and to strengthen existing communities. The prosperity and success of any community is dependent upon the financial situation of its members, and thus, the UJIA chose to cooperate with the KEMACH Foundation in order to improve Haredi employment and to expand the employment possibilities for Haredi community members.

Atidim – Halamish

Atidim’s Halamish Program works to integrate Haredi men into the world of higher education and into Israel’s industry. The program’s participants earn a Bachelor’s degree in engineering and sciences from Lev Institute and the Technion. Upon the conclusion of their studies, the program assists graduates in finding their place in the industry.

Atidim was founded with the goal of creating a strong Israeli society. Its main objective is to minimize the social and economic gaps between the country’s center and periphery. The Halamish program was created to offer equal opportunities to Haredi men and to enable them to acquire a quality, progressive profession through academic studies.

The collaboration between the KEMACH Foundation and Halamish is only natural. Moreover, upon the conclusion of their studies, the graduates join Israel’s industry in high-demand, profitable professions.

Council for Higher Education

The Council for Higher Education is the government body that handles all aspects of higher education in Israel. The Council, or in its abbreviated form – The CHE, performs its functions in accordance with the powers legally conferred to it. It is the Council that outlines the policies for the higher education system in the country. As part of its activities, the Council’s Planning and Budgeting Committee (the PBC) established a program for loans and scholarships which offers tuition assistance to Haredi students in the academia.

The collaboration between the Foundation and the CHE is a direct result of the rise in the number of Haredi students in Israel; a rise that is partially due to our tremendous efforts in assisting individuals who pursue higher education for work purposes. This collaboration enables many Haredim to pursue academic education, and improves Haredi employment.

The Jerusalem Development Authority (JDA) – Jerusalem Municipality

A statutory corporation created with the goal of initiating, planning, and fostering actions that will encourage the economic development of Jerusalem and promote it as an international, leading city in the economic area and in its quality of life in the public sphere. The JDA initiates and leads the city’s planning and development, and serves as a central partner in operating the KIVUN Center in Jerusalem, run by the KEMACH Foundation.

The JDA greatly assists the city’s Haredi residents in acquiring a profession, advancing at their jobs and increasing their income by improving their education. Along with the Foundation, the corporation also operates the KIVUN Center for guidance and placement, which completes its own activities.