KIVUN Center

The KIVUN Center for vocational guidance and placement, founded by the Ministry of Economy, the JDC and the Jerusalem Municipality, is located in Jerusalem and completes the KEMACH Foundation’s activities by offering comprehensive, personal guidance to job seekers in the Haredi community. The Center offers vocational workshops, basic training for the job market, vocational assessments, placement, referral to subsidized study programs, and assistance to Haredi students in institutions of higher education and professional training.


  • Bizmax is a first-of-its-kind innovative business complex for Ultra-Orthodox (Haredi) male Jerusalem residents, launched in the presence of the president in the beginning of 2017. Bizmax is a business-communal hub operated in conjunction with the Kemach Foundation, Global Brothers, and the Jerusalem Development Authority.
  • Bizmax – an initiative geared to integrate Haredim into the employment market, targeting entrepreneurs, freelancers and business owners within the Haredi community who would like to integrate into the business world while improving and leveraging their businesses.
  • The complex provides shared workspaces with no business-field restrictions, offering rental options for open workspaces or closed rooms, as well as professional services including: consulting, business development, workshops, courses, financing and loan assistance, business lobby, cafeteria and meeting room.


Movilot is a leadership excellence program designed to create employment direction among Haredi women. The program guides professional Haredi women through the process of their professional advancement and until their final integration into positions appropriate for their skills, education, and aspirations; positions that enable them to provide for their families respectably, with wages commensurate with the Israeli secular average mean. Movilot works to establish a network of friends-employers who take an active role in changing the vocational reality of Haredi women, in a way that advances their business and social goals.


A joint initiative of the Kemach Foundation, Civil Service Commission, Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs following Government Resolution 869 regarding the integration of the Ultra-Orthodox community into Civil Service

  • Creating an outstanding Haredi reserve that will be assigned important, entry-level local government and civil service positions.
  • Two programs per year – separate men’s and women’s programs, each including 25 participants who will be recruited as state employees, undergo targeted training for six months and assigned significant positions in various local and general government offices.
  • Following the training period, graduates will be integrated into important entry-level positions for graduates of the program for at least two years, based on their individual skills and suitability and the government’s needs.