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The Kemach Foundation (Haredi Professional Development) is currently the largest and most central agency in Israel, accelerating the pathway for Haredi individuals to pursue qualifications and skills to enter the Israeli workforce.

In recent years, the subject of Haredi higher education and employment has become a topic of major focus amongst policy makers both in universities and Israel’s government. The issue of Haredi education and employment has a direct impact on the participants and their families, as well as numerous positive implications affecting issues of social tolerance, poverty, welfare, social mobility and fiduciary responsibility to the State. The approach constantly balances the documented gaps in the labor market while building skilled human capital and preserving the Haredi lifestyle.

The Kemach Foundation advocates for the Haredi public and ensures that the rights and needs of the Haredi student are met, regularly monitoring workforce trends and ensuring the attentiveness and cooperation of government entities, so that the right incentives are given in the necessary professions and fields.

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